Quitting Smokeless Tobacco: Getting the Most Out of Your Quit Attempt

Are you ready to rumble? You better be, because you’re about to step into the ring with a tough opponent. But with the right mindset, attitude, and training, you can beat this bully in a round.

Smokeless tobacco is a tough enemy that comes with a nicotine addiction. The nicotine is the greatest hurdle to overcome and smokeless tobacco actually contains three to four times more nicotine than cigarettes! Create a quit plan, set your quit date and get free tips and support with Ready2Quit Don’t go in alone—these are important weapons to help you quit chewing tobacco and win this battle.


Increasing Your Odds Of Success

But how can you get the most out of your attempt to quit chewing? How can you increase your odds of success?

There are two main ways to quit smokeless tobacco: cold turkey and the reduction method.

If you decide cold turkey is the best method for you, you might consider setting your quit date on The Great American Spit Out on February 23.

Smokeless tobacco quitters can also benefit from using the "Reduction Method." Instead of using the usual amount of tobacco, dip, or chew, use just a little bit less each time and keep it in your mouth for less time. The trick is to resist the temptation to dip more times per day. Then, either weekly or every few days, reduce the amount a little bit more. This method can also be used to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine, switching to brands that have a lower dose.

Once your quit date has arrived, don’t forget to get rid of everything that reminds you of smokeless tobacco! For a checklist of things to do before your quit date visit UCanQuit2.org/Ready2Quit.


Add Counseling to the One-Two Punch Combination

Individual, group, and telephone cessation counseling are great ways to keep you on the right track. Why go it alone when you can be part of a winning team? Cessation counselors are built in supporters and cheerleaders who are available to be a part of your successful quitting equation. This applies to smoking and smokeless tobacco users alike. Choose the type of counseling that fits your needs and personality, because that’s the one that will most likely work for you.

Check the Support Locator page to find individual or group counseling near you. Even if you are stationed where no individual or group counseling is available, you can call the free TRICARE Quitline or participate in the Freedom Quitline Study. And remember that we offer one-on-one live chat with trained cessation coaches 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Dealing with Cravings

Some urges are unique to chewing tobacco, such as holding something in your mouth to take the place of that wad or packet of tobacco. Some quitters find that sugar-free hard candies or gum, cinnamon sticks, mints, beef jerky, or sunflower seeds are great substitutes. Make sure to bring your substitute along wherever you go. Don’t let that urge to chew strike without being ready to defend yourself.


If you’re a heavy user of smokeless tobacco, nicotine gum can be especially helpful. Nicotine gum not only reduces your craving for nicotine, but it can also take the place of the smokeless tobacco you once held in your mouth. Click here to learn more about some nicotine replacements or make an appointment to talk to your doctor.


You Can Quit Too!

Remember: you can win the fight against nicotine addiction! For additional support and motivation visit our Facebook page!