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Great American Spit Out 2015

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Ditch the Snuff for Better Stuff

Imagine this: 75 degrees, clear skies, blue water and your toes in the sand. It may be hard to picture your summer vacation in the middle of winter, but now is the time to begin saving your money, time and health. When you set your quit date for the Great American Spit Out, February 19, you can Ditch the Snuff for Better Stuff.

You may think that smokeless tobacco is harmless. But, do you really want to be sitting at the beach with a wad in your mouth and a spit bottle by your beach chair? And, what happens when you smile for the camera and capture a wonderful memory? You expose your lip full of dip, stained teeth, mouth sores and maybe even tooth loss from gum disease.

Not only is smokeless tobacco harmful to your mouth, but it actually contains 3 to 4 times more nicotine than a cigarette[1], making it even tougher to quit for good. By quitting in February, you’ll have plenty of time to completely ditch the snuff and enjoy summer, instead of battling the nicotine cravings.

During the Great American Spit Out, plan to make your beach fantasy a reality by quitting smokeless tobacco. It’s time to spend time with your family, friends and the sun; not your dip can. On February 19, Ditch the Snuff for Better Stuff.